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Hello my lovely blog readers, how have you been? Trust that you have all been doing great. It feels good to be back, I apologise for the long break.

Today, we’ll continue our discussion on the world of science series. I hope you’re all enjoying the series though. I’ll try my best to make it as interesting as possible…

Okay friends, we’ve discussed What is science? and How are scientific ideas expressed? I really hope we enjoyed and gained a lot from those discussions.😊😊😊 

Today, we would be discussing Who is a scientist?

Now, a lot of people have different ways of defining this term. While a scientist is a person or an individual, scientists on the other hand are a group of people or individuals, What does this person or group do? They simply apply the scientific method to understand the natural world but, this of course isn’t an easy task, it is a rigorous work.

Now unto a controversial issue, Does one have to have an advanced degree in a scientific discipline to be called a scientist? 🙆😄

Okay, it should be noted at this junction that, merely having a degree in a scientific discipline does not make one a scientist. In the same vein, the fact that one lacks such a degree does not prevent the person from making important scientific contributions. In other words, we all have a fair chance to act as scientists, in one way or the other.😁😁😁

Some of the important characteristics of a scientist are: the person must be willing to challenge any idea when new findings demand it. Also, the ideas that a scientist accepts must be based on measurable, reproducible observations and the scientist should be able to report these observations with complete honesty. So, the vital traits that should be present in a typical scientist are, he or she should be: Open minded, ready to challenge, meticulous and honest.


I hope you enjoyed this piece and that you gained a knowledge or two. Thank you for reading.

Please share the link to this blog with your friends so they can also gain something. As they say “Knowledge is power”. No knowledge is wasted.

So what do you think? I would love to hear from you, post your comments, like the post if you’ve gained from it and subscribe to the blog for more interesting and enlightening posts. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post.


Up next: what method do scientists use in carrying out their research?


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